About Langford Villa

Victorian Grade 2 Listed Self Catering Accommodation in Filey

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September 2015

Dear Guest,

I am delighted to welcome you to Langford Villa and know that when you come and stay you will enjoy not only the charms and beauty of Filey; but also staying in the property with the finest location in town.Langford Villa is also steeped in history; it was built in circa. 1830 and was often chosen by the Terry’s family of York (yes Sir Joseph Terry the famous Chocolatier!) as a place to summer. We may even leave a little something for you to “tap and unwrap” in the fruit bowl!I only purchased the property in December last year and don’t plan to make any sweeping changes in the short term. I have replaced both the television sets (which were a trifle long in the tooth!) and added accompanying DVD players and I have also treated the place to lot’s of crisp Egyptian white bed lined with a high thread count as I am a great believer in a good holiday beginning with a good nights sleep.

Also new is (free and unlimited of course!) internet access; but PLEASE don’t use it for anything else other than researching great things to do, places to eat etc., remember you are on holiday. Having a great time and taking home lovely memories is really important to me and I take my part in this happening seriously; it’s then up to you how much fun you have!

Bill Rusling

Langford Villa
The Crescent

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